There many details to prepare in the later chapters of our lives. None perhaps more important than a clear communication of one's ethical, spiritual, and philosphical outlook, memories, experiences, and advice.

Along with wills, powers of attorney, DNRs and all the requisite end-of-life paperwork, more and more people are wanting legacy films for their families, loved ones, and friends. These visual documents can be used for a number of purposes and be created in a variety of formats/styles.

Legal documents such as wills are often intimidating and impersonal. A legacy film creates the opportunity to communicate personally some of the critical beliefs and instructions a person would like to pass on to subsequent generations of their families and other responsible parties.... in your own words.

Legacy films can help in the grieving process and can offer a medium to communicate certain subjects that may be difficult to discuss face-to-face.  Legacy films can also be a wonderful collection of meaningful stories from the subject's life. The stories that help sum up the life experiences of the subject will be accessible to family and friends forever thanks to the amazing advancements in the digital technology our society embraces on daily basis. Why not put the now significant power of video to use in the some of the most challenging times of our lives?

It's our passion to facilitate this process. We believe our combined talents and years of production experience grant us and our clients a unique opportunity to capture these legacies in a profound, creative, and cost-effective way.