ALL PACKAGES incorporate interview(s), family archival photos, home video footage, personal, artistic or business materials, and family documents to help tell the legacy story.  On top of that, we will add music and bits of stock footage or stills to emphasize special moments or to establish a location or an era.  All packages are modified based on your particular wants and wishes.  Contact us to discuss the package and the price that's right for you.

The Epic Story
7-10 minute final length

Everybody has one - that turning point tale about the first time you met your true love, or the first time you caught a fish, or that special moment when your life changed forever.  These are the stories we could never hear often enough.

A one-hour interview
Two days of editing
One client review / notes
Half-day final polish

Where I've Been, Who I Am
15-20 minute final length

A well-rounded story of what made you... you.  The ups and the downs, in your own words, and what you'd like to share about what all of that means - to you.

A two-hour interview
Four days of editing
One client review / notes
One day final polish

The Big Picture
25-30 minute final length

This is a chance, not only for you to tell your story, but for your loved ones and/or colleagues to share some of their favorite stories about you.  This is a great option for someone who is being recognized for their amazing body of work, or the celebration of a long, fruitful relationship.

A two-hour interview
Up to 3 additional one-hour interviews of others (same day)
Six days of editing
Two client reviews / notes
Two days final polish

45-60 minute final length

Using the full extent of our abilities to create compelling documentaries and television biographies, we will work in conjunction with you and your family or your colleagues to create a custom project using interviews, animations, stock, etc… a unique and thorough portrait of your story.